Welcome to the Byrdstir Site!

Mando Silohuette photographed by Sid CesarThis site has the mission of presenting the songs, poetry and thoughts of Craig Norris Byrd, along with the opportunity to join the Byrdstir community and eventually purchase merchandise. It is not completely working, but is really a placeholder as it is developed and I officially launch my work to see where it lands. The poetry pages are being populated very slowly and the store page does not have any merchandise listed at this time. You will find that the jukebox resets if you go to another page, and I have not yet sorted out how to make it keep playing. As it gets closer to the time of going public, I will be filling out the site and hiring professional help. As for now I am working out the layout I want and what I want the site to convey . I welcome you to leave any comments regarding what you find here. Thanks again for visiting.

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