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Finding Home

It has  been a  long time with too many failures coming.  Half a dozen empty journals with just the first few pages used from both ends represent the aborted efforts to initiate action over the years.  So this is “Hatch” day.  I’ve come too far to not continue and suffered too much, inflicting my misery on friends and family.  This time, with public witness,  I will not stop.

As a follow-up to my 2010 “Emissions” EP, I have committed myself to a collection of around 14 songs, each to be recorded in a single performance by myself alone.  The album will grow as it will from these germs.  I have a number of differing tribe-building and investment seeking offers that I will be putting forth in order to develop and produce these songs.  It would be my honor for you to join me.  As an incentive, I am offering my first song, “The Alley” as a free download in exchange for a way to keep in contact with you; either a Tweet, a Facebook like or joining my e-mail list.  I am also beginning a live performance campaign, officially starting with the Santa Fe Songwriter night at Vanessie on the first of May.

So I am going to plow forward, and put out my new website with all its warts.  This communique is intentionally brief for many reasons, the main one being to keep a get the rock rolling.  I have a lot of things to assemble and disseminate over this coming year.  I am cordially inviting you to join me on this fantastic journey.